Director's Speech

Dear students:


First, I welcome you personally and on behalf of the staff at the university requirements coordination office. I hope you find in this website the comprehensive answers you look for, in relation to the university requirements courses established in this office.  These courses aim at increasing your effective learning, and acquiring you with deep understanding skills, analytical and critical thinking, responsible communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, and dialogue and debate. In addition to enriching your knowledge in civilization, humanitarian knowledge, social, scientific and technical fields from one side, and enhancing your understanding of your nation’s civilization and thought from the other side.

Since the staff at the office care about performing their duties towards you perfectly, and at the same time they seek communicating with you appropriately, they welcome you, asserting that the office doors are open to all of you who wish to acquire knowledge and civilization.   


Office director

Dr. Hamzah Khawaldah​

University Requirements Coordination Office

Embracing culture, thinking skills and communication