University of Jordan Requirements Coordination Office

Welcome to the official website of the university requirements coordination office. The office has been established in accordance with the Board of Deans decision number (2017/1077) on 17/7/2007 as an academic unit. The office was established within the future vision adopted by the university in preparing and educating a generation possessing the scientific methodology that enables students to reach knowledge, and become capable of competing at the local and global market place. The university has developed its teaching plans, in alignment with the needs of the labor force and the society’s aspirations, taking into account the changes at all levels; social, economic, political, intellectual and humanitarian. Deriving from the university’s philosophy, goals and strategies, and through the offered courses, the office seeks to achieve a number of goals such as: acquire students with the basic skills needed for effective learning during their study at the university and after. Enable students to master deep understanding skills, analyzing skills, critical thinking, in addition to required upper mental skills. The office also aims to equip students with the basic knowledge at the national, Arabic, Islamic and global levels, allowing them to think deeply about the heritage and its relationships with the cognitive humanitarian heritage. Not to mention the importance of enabling students to communicate in a skillful responsible way, while reading, writing, speaking, and in dialogue and debate. More on the office goals, helping students to adapt with the university life, encompassing their creative and innovative attitudes, trends, talents and ideas. Shaping their personalities to be able to acquire the accurate knowledge-based trust, self-admiration from one side, and understanding and respecting the others’ opinions, cultures, and beliefs on the other side. The office supervises ten courses of the university’s compulsory and elective requirements courses and these are National Culture, Learning and Scientific Research Skills, Communication Skills, Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking, Human Civilization, Campus Life and Ethics, Special Subject, Great Books, Jerusalem, and Entrepreneurship and Creativity. Elite of professors and doctors teach these courses from the university’s different colleges, who are characterized by the skills, competence, and experience. In addition to part-time lecturers in light of the need. The courses are delivered according to the up-to-date learning and teaching methods based on blended learning.

University Requirements Coordination Office

Embracing culture, thinking skills and communication