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expand National Culture : ( 3400100)
expand Learning and Research Skills : ( 3400101)
This course deals with the subject and skills of learning, such as: study skills and motivation to learn, information processing, speed reading, and summarizing skills, note taking, the use of mental maps, presentation skills, self-directed learning skills, lifelong learning skills, self-learning skills, e-learning skills, teamwork skills, work habits, oral and written communication skills, time management skills, and organization skills. The course also seeks to provide students with multiple skills related to scientific research, its characteristics and steps, skills of problem identification, the use of paper and electronic sources, documentation and citation skills, search in databases, distinction between scientific research methods, the skills of sampling and instrumentation, data collection and analysis procedure, reporting, academic integrity and ethics.
expand Communication Skills : ( 3400102)
expand Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking : ( 3400103)
The current course is designed for students of all specializations on the B.A. /B.Sc. level in order to endow them with the necessary tools and skills that enable them to build their own capabilities in rational and critical thinking skills and foundation of philosophy in order to use such knowledge in their daily life. It is expected, upon the completion of the course, that the students would acquire basic knowledge in philosophy and critical thinking skills, hence they would be able to: build their rational thinking; understand the practicalities of philosophy; build their thinking skills, including critical thinking. With this course the students will acquire the basics of philosophical thinking argumentation and critical thinking, and theory of knowledge, so as to be able to think professionally and critically of all that happens around them, along with building their ability to analyze and criticize texts and ideas to be able to arrive at the correct conclusions. The course is skill-based and will be taught accordingly. 
expand Human Civilization : ( 3400104)
expand Campus Life and Ethics : ( 3400105)
Students admitted to the university will be allocated to faculty members, based on a mechanism validated for this purpose, in order to help them adapt to university life academically, psychologically, culturally and socially. The module taken by students in their first term at university aims at developing the student personality by guiding them on how to employ resources and opportunities available at the university in their ethical, social, personal development, which enhances their positive thinking and ethical behavior, and deepens adequate understanding of the rules and general behavioral regulations. This course introduces the university's vision, mission and strategies in addition to the rules, regulations, academic honor code and student's rights and duties. The course also aims at introducing the students to extracurricular activities and different platforms that shape their experiences and develop their creative and leadership skills. Students have an hour meeting once a week with a faculty member to discuss an issue or a subject suggested by the module steering committee and to organize two credit hours worth of pertinent activities and duties performed by students depending on themselves.
expand Special Subject : ( 3400106)
expand Great Books : ( 3400107)
This course introduces students to the concept of great books as well as to specific ones such as Plato’s The Republic, Ibn Khaldun’s Muqaddimah, Machiavelli’s The Prince, and Edward Said’s Orientalism. The course primarily aims to acquaint students with a selection of great books and equip them with the skills that they need so that they can effectively read, analyze, and critique the texts in question. It is hoped that it will help students develop the habits of reading, penetrating to the depths of, and recognizing the universal influence of such books.
expand Jerusalem : ( 3400108)
expand Entrepreneurship and Creativity : ( 3400109)
This course aims to introduce innovation and entrepreneurship terminologies and concepts, equip the students with the knowledge and skills needed to create their own innovative ideas and advancing projects that can be executed in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and service sectors, etc. The course utilizes theoretical and practical approaches and learning methodologies to train students and enable them to discover opportunities and boost their own capacity in this field. The course entails the following offered topics: Entrepreneurial thinking and innovation: Culture and Systems, business planning and modeling, projects and small enterprises management, social entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property (IP), technology promoting and project funding and capitalizing. Success requirements and indicators in this course are based on the students’ ability to write a mandatory and comprehensive business plan for their newly developed ideas.

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